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Established in 1989, the Eastern Landlords Association is a highly regarded membership organisation offering support and advice to reputable landlords. The Eastern Landlords Association (ELA) exists to represent landlords in their dealings with tenants. Our landlord association has over 1400 members from across the UK that benefit from our services and connections with local and national governments and the courts. 

We Educate

Members have unlimited access to our team of experts either online, calling our help & advice line, or attending ELA events. Our preferred partners provide free legal workshops and educational events.

We Tenant Find

We ensure your vacant properties are advertised on our Zoopla page the same working day, vet your enquiries, and provide ASTs. All new members get their first advert FOR FREE!

We Support

We are recognised as a professional body of experts in the private rented sector. Local Authorities consult with us regarding housing matters, and the Government engage with issues impacting the private rented sector.

Welcome to Eastern Landlords Association – Supporting reputable landlords since 1989

Eastern Landlords Association (ELA) is a highly regarded local landlord association dedicated to supporting and providing advice to reputable landlords. Established in 1989, our landlord website has been set up to help with all matters landlords face. Eastern Landlords Association represents landlords in their dealings with tenants and advocates for their rights and interests. With over 1,400 members from across the UK, ELA provides valuable services, connections, and resources that benefit our members in their property management journey.

Supporting reputable landlords

As a member of Eastern Landlords Association, you gain unlimited access to our team of experts who provide factual, fast, and friendly support and advice either online or through our help and advice line on our landlord website. We also partner with trusted legal professionals who offer free legal workshops and educational events exclusively to our members. Our preferred partners provide educational events and free legal workshops designed to help our members understand the complexities of landlord-tenant relationships and assist them in making informed decisions.

Join Our Local Landlord Association Today

We welcome both seasoned landlords and those just starting their property management journey to join our community. Benefit from our extensive experience, trusted advice, and valuable resources that can enhance your success as a reputable landlord. Whether you’re looking for support and advice, help with your rental property, or a local landlord association to help advocate for your rights, we are here to help. Contact us today or fill out our form on our landlord website and become a member of the Eastern Landlords Association.

Who are we?

In 1989 a number of Norwich landlords formed a group which has since grown into a company limited by guarantee – The Eastern Landlords Association. Membership is now over 1400 reputable private residential landlords who offer good quality accommodation.

  • Provide a forum for consideration of matters relating to the letting of private properties and to promote a professional standard of practice and conduct by all our members for the benefit of the private rented sector as a whole
  • Provide mutual advice and assistance to members in connection the letting of properties
  • Promote the professional standing of the Association within the private rented sector
  • Represent equally all landlords

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