Japanese Knotweed – a growing problem?

The Japanese have long provided the UK with a wealth of precious commodities, from reliable cars to ingenious electronics. However, one of their least welcome exports, (notwithstanding karaoke!), that has made its way to our shores is Japanese Knotweed. This most troublesome guest began its UK staycation in the 1850s when it wowed Victorian botanists

Property viewings : maximising your potential

You have your biggest asset, your rental property and are able to conduct the viewings yourself. One of the most annoying aspects of finding a new tenant is the time-wasting that comes along with it, especially if you’re not vigilant from the start. Prepare the property before a viewing: A clean and tidy property will

Section 21 Abolition

The consultation about the Abolition of Section 21 ended in October. Groups representing landlords and letting agents have come together to form an alliance to oppose the government’s plan to scrap Section 21 no-fault evictions. The ‘Fair Possessions Coalition’ believes Section 21 repossessions should be retained until a new system can replace it which provides