In 1989 a small number of Norwich landlords formed a group which has since grown into a company limited by guarantee – The Eastern Landlords Association.

Membership is drawn from throughout England and now numbers over 1350 reputable private residential landlords who offer good quality accommodation.

The Association has an office in Norwich where we have full time staff that can be contacted for general membership enquiries or helpline advice Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm or by email.

The ELA represents the general views of the Association’s membership, Local Authorities, national authorities, Parliament and any other body which has jurisdiction over or an interest in the letting of private properties.

We consider all matters which affect private landlords in general and seek to promote such actions that will benefit the members and safeguard their interests, consistent with the maintaining of professional standards of conduct.

The Association is rapidly gaining recognition by Local Authorities who are consulting us regarding housing matters and with central government in issues affecting the private rented sector.