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Great Yarmouth Selective Licensing compliance advice

Homesafe are providing Selective Licensing support for Great Yarmouth Borough Council. A key element of the Selective Licensing scheme is that properties receive 3 compliance checks during the 5-year scheme and these are currently scheduled to be  conducted in years 1, 2 and 4. It may be useful to share Homesafes’ previous experiences with you. We have listed below some common issues that have arisen.

• Licence condition 3 and a mandatory condition required by schedule 4 of the Housing Act 2004
The Licence Holder must ensure that a smoke alarm is installed on each storey of the house on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation, and to keep each such alarm in proper working order, and to supply to the Council, on demand, with a declaration by him as to the condition and positioning of such alarms. For the purposes of this condition, a bathroom or lavatory is to be treated as a room used as living accommodation. Please note as guidance and best practice that other areas have further specified that the smoke alarm is not part of a fire alarm system and complies with BS EN 14604, is accessible to check and in full working order that is either hard wired, (mandatory for properties identified as a HMO), or fitted with a 10 year lithium battery, in a sealed unit, installed on each floor and centrally located and the tenant has the necessary information as to how to test the alarm(s) installed.

• Licence condition 6 and a mandatory condition required by schedule 4 of the Housing Act 2004
The Licence Holder must ensure that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in any room in the house which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance; to keep any such alarm in proper working order; and to supply the council, on demand, with a declaration by him as to the condition and positioning of any such alarm. Please note, as per Home Safe’s General Code of Practice, the requirement for a working carbon monoxide alarm also extends to where gas is supplied to the property in line with the above condition.

  • Licence condition 10 iv b
    Reasonable steps are taken to protect occupiers from injury especially in relation to any window sill that is at floor level – ensuring that bars or other such safeguards are fitted as necessary to protect occupants from falling. Please note: We recommend that safety catches/opening-restrictors are fitted and working to all first floor, and above, windows.
  • Licence condition 16 – Refuse and Waste
    A waste management sign/calendar has been fitted to the inside of any kitchen cupboard door. PLEASE NOTE: A written notice detailing the necessary information to comply with this licence condition can be provided free of charge on request from the Council and is available in several different languages.
  • Licence condition 19 – Absence
    The Licence Holder must have in place suitable emergency and other management arrangements in the event of their absence. The name and contact details of the Licence Holder and/or manager must be supplied to each occupier and must also be on display in a prominent place in the house.Consistent with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (known as HHSRS) the property compliance checks will grade any risks of a hazard to health as either High, Medium or Low risk. As part of your Terms and Conditions of membership of Home Safe this will require a Plan of Action as to how the risk of a hazard will be satisfactorily removed within a reasonable time and be agreed with your Membership Consultant. Addressing, where necessary, the common issues Homesafe are finding, as suggested above, will result in a significant saving of your time in doing this following a compliance check (where found) by removing the need and time for supplying agreeable Plans of Action.