Landlord Association Membership

Whether you’re renting out a single property, or you have a large portfolio, landlord association membership can provide you with a level of support, advice, resources and representation that will help you rent properties efficiently, safely and legally.

The property rental sector receives regular updates to legislation and in recent years, the Government has introduced increasingly substantial financial penalties and sometimes custodial sentences for not complying with legislation. As a result, landlords cannot afford to go wrong when renting their properties.

A Landlord Association can provide you with not only advice, practical tools and resources, but also a supportive peer network with a number of benefits of membership.

Benefits of joining a landlord’s association

There are a number of reasons to join a landlord’s association, including:

1. Enhancing reputation and credibility

With fewer people being able to get onto the property ladder, the rental market continues to grow. Tenants are looking for reputable landlords who can demonstrate that they meet professional standards, therefore having a form of independent verification gives you an edge over other landlords.

2. Resolve issues quickly and simply

A landlord association can provide you with free advice and if necessary, refer you to trusted solicitors, which will usually be at a reduced rate. Landlord Associations deal with many common issues every day and are up to speed on the latest legislations. They can therefore give you advice to help resolve problems quickly.

3. Avoid penalties, fines and costly errors

Landlord legislation is constantly changing and can be hard to keep up with. The threat of penalties can also be extremely stressful, should you make a mistake. All Landlord Associations keep up to date on legislation and can provide clear advice on your legal requirements. This not only gives you peace of mind but can help you to stay on the right side of the law and avoid additional costs.

4. A complete resource library

Landlord Associations can provide their members with a whole library of legally approved document templates, guides and notices that landlords might need. Having these documents readily available can save a lot of administration time.

5. Discounts and exclusive benefits

Associations have partnerships with a variety of businesses and providers that can help landlords, such as discounted rates on insurance, legal advice or even deposit protection schemes. They can also provide discounts with local trades and suppliers that you will use on a regular basis. These discounts can add up to a significant amount, especially if you’re a property owner with a have large portfolio of real estate.

6. Join your peers to create a large voice

Landlord Associations campaign on behalf of their members and speak on behalf of the rental industry to policymakers within both regional and national Government. Having this larger voice means that change is more likely to happen. The Association will also keep you up to date on local news updates, which is particularly helpful if you live in a different area to your rental property.

7. Training and additional learning

Training is extremely helpful for new landlords but can also be a way for experienced landlords to refresh their knowledge. Most landlord associations offer training courses locally or online, covering subjects such as health and safety, legislation changes, finance and managing properties, including HMOs (houses in multiple occupation).

Eastern Landlords Association

The Eastern Landlords Association (ELA) was established in 1989 and is a highly regarded organisation, offering support and advice to reputable landlords. With over 1350 members across the UK, we exist to represent landlords in their dealings with tenants, whilst also offering them support, advice and benefits.

The ELA represents the general views of the Associations membership to Local Authorities, national authorities, Parliament and any other body which has jurisdiction over or an interest in the letting of private properties. We consider all matters which affect private landlords in general and seek to promote such actions that will benefit the members and safeguard their interests, consistent with the maintaining of professional standards of conduct.

The Association is rapidly gaining recognition by Local Authorities who are consulting us regarding housing matters and with central government in issues affecting the private rented sector. We are also being asked to comment on Green Papers and consultation documents.

Here to Help

Our office in Norwich has full time staff that can be contacted for general membership enquiries or helpline advice Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm or by email.

Eastern Landlord Association membership includes the following benefits:

  • Free help and advice line with our dedicated team.
  • Full access to our website for information, forms, template letters for landlords.
  • 1 x Free set of ASTs in your joining pack.
  • Free Tenant find service, contact us for full details.
  • Regular email updates including latest industry-related news, landlord events, landlord courses and meetings including guest speakers, all held across the region.
  • Access to our Free 15 min legal surgeries.
  • Discounts available with our associated solicitors, accountants, and other landlord related services.
  • Members have access to our tenant credit checks, or credit checks with references.

For more information, or to start your ELA membership, get in touch with us today.