Recording of HMO webinar by Fosters & Supporting Refugees

The recording of the HMO webinar by Gurpal Singh and Serena Djiakouris of Foster’s Solicitors held on 31st January is now available. If you would like to listen to this or have a recap, the recording of the meeting can be found here – HMOsand the Passcode is   5V*ZCiLiPlease note you will have to type in the passcode rather than copy and paste.Support with refugeesWe have received the following request from Juventas Services based in Norwich :My name’s Matthew, and I work for Juventas Services in Norwich as a senior support worker. We look after asylum-seeking and refugee young people in and around the Norwich area. We’re struggling somewhat to access private rented accommodation for our young people when they turn 18 and have their refugee status: whilst they’re waiting for their refugee status, our young people aren’t allowed to work, claim benefits, or build up any kind of credit score, and this, understandably, leads to landlords being generally hesitant to let to them. However, as they are supported by the local authority, the local authority are able to act as guarantors, and provide up to two month’s rent in advance. I was wondering if any landlords in your association would be willing to meet with us to discuss how best to support these young people in accessing private rented accommodation. Our young people would make stellar tenants, and we hope to break down some of the concerns private rented landlords may have about letting to them. Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated, and I thank you in advance for your consideration of this email. Please contact : Matthew McKenzie, Senior Support Worker – Juventas Floating SupportTel: 07960 368 107