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We are very proud to be able to offer our services to ELA members at a 10% discount.

For more information about Wensum Mediation, our services, and mediators, please visit our website www.wensummediation.org or contact us on –

Tel – 01603 486677

Email –enquiries@wensummediation.org

By putting parties in control, mediation is normally the fastest and most cost-effective way of resolving all types of Landlord issues and disputes, routinely saving thousands on legal costs.

Wensum Mediation specialises in Landlord disputes; our Mediators are experienced Housing Lawyers, Barristers, Advocates, and Skilled Negotiators.

Whatever the value or complexity of your issue we can help for as little as £150 per party. From late rent payments to housing disrepair claims, our experienced and accredited Mediators, can find a way to recover outstanding payments, rebuild relationships, or assist individuals partying company. Our Mediators specialise in handling highly complex and emotional disputes.

Our mediation services are not only suitable for Landlord and Tenant disputes, but are equally fit for disputes with contractors, agents, builders, accountants, and solicitors, etc.

We offer a free 15 minute no obligation consultation on any housing issue, during which we are more than happy to give an expert opinion as to the merits of mediating a case.

Wensum Mediation boasts a mediation success rate of over 80% in Landlord disputes. We can mediate issues, in-person, via video conference, or telephone, whichever the parties wish.